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The Next Popular NamesIn 2012 I wrote The Top 22 in 2022:

  • Part math and part gut instinct, The Top 22 Names of 2022 analyzes trend patterns and styles of today’s popular names to predict the popular names of tomorrow.
  • This 60 page book includes, along with a predicted list of the top 22 names for boys and girls (a total of 44 names), a detailed explanation behind each prediction.
  • Get this report for free along with valuable name tips, trends, and news delivered directly to your in-box. Just type in your email address.

New for 2014 (based on 2013 U.S. Top Baby Names):

  • The Boys & Girls sections: Following the detailed predictions for “Number One” to “Number Twenty Two” and the “Honorable Mentions” are 2013 updated observations for each rank. *In some cases there are charts!*
  • 2013 Progress Reports: At the end of “The Boys” and “The Girls” sections will be a 2013 Progress Report, a table showing the top 22 names and each name’s rank from 2011 to 2013.
  • 2013 Takeaways: Here I share which predictions look like they could miss the mark and which predictions seem spot-on.