Guest Blogging News: Motorcycle-Riding Poets


Hundreds Wait for a Poetry Reading, Venice Beach, 1960

Sometimes specific names inspire new baby name categories. Rafe, which we spotlighted recently, inspired the “Motorcycle Riding Poets” list.

The “Motorcycle Riding Poets” names are retro boys names with the right mix of swagger and culture, loosely inspired by 60s beatnik culture.

I promised I would let you know once this list was completed, and that day has arrived. I decided Nameberry readers would appreciate this list, and I’m thrilled they decided to run this article today.

To see the list, visit Nameberry and read “Retro Boy Names: The Motorcycle-Riding Poets“.

Are there any other names you could add to this list?

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Guest Blogging News: Names Hidden In Plain Sight

hidden-in-plain-sightDo you ever hear a name often enough that you are sure… absolutely certain actually… that the name must be in the top 1000 and possibly even the top 700 or top 500 and then you check on the name’s ranking and see that it’s not even on the chart (or makes it barely)? You might even be surprised to learn that the name was given to fewer 200 or even fewer than 100 babies last year.

This might be an example of “frame of reference” and its impact. Everybody has a unique experience which affects their impressions of trends. My frame of reference is that of a name person, and I hear names like Flora and Sylvie often. These names seem so approachable to me, and just beg to hit the top baby name ranks.

Imagine my surprise when I learned both of these names were given to fewer than a couple hundred babies in 2012. There are many more names like Flora and Sylvie that are unexpectedly unusual.

I share more of these “hidden in plain sight” names on Nameberry today. Check it out for some ideas, names you may have even considered but dismissed because you assumed they must be getting “too popular”.

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