Guest Blogging News: 1930s Names


I’m digging 1930’s names now. The decade may not have been one of the happiest decades, but there were some memorable names back then, names that I suspect will start to appeal in about 10-15 years.

On Nameberry I write about which 1930’s names might come back first.

This is revised from the UBN post, Name Inspiration: The Funky, Eclectic, 1930’s.

And I’m not done exploring the 80-year-rule. I’m working on a presentation that I’m excited to unveil soon.

Readers: Which names remind you of the 1930’s?

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Guest Blogging News: Quirky Vintage Nicknames for Boys

Archie-comicsThe vintage nickname trend that has been long popular on both genders in the UK, has made its way to the US on girls.

There is a hint of interest in the trend on boys however, suggested by Charlie’s steadily growing popularity on boys in the US.

Incidentally, Charlie is also becoming more popular on US girls, and could be considered unisex, but is still mostly male.

On Nameberry, I list some more vintage boy nicknames that have US potential.

My favorites are Louie and Marty–both seem wearable and imaginable on US boys and men.  Go on over to Nameberry and share your favorites.

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Guest Blogging News: Will They Ever Make The Top 10?


I am often shocked at which names never made the top 10. These are wonderfully appealing names, like Owen, Max, and Lucy.

I share this list of top 10 caliber names with Nameberry readers today.

Some of these names seem like they should have made the top 10 decades ago, such as Ann / Anne, while others, such Owen, Max, and Lucy, feel like they should be in the top 10 now.

Do you agree? Disagree?

To see the list and find out why I feel these names have top 10 appeal check out my guest post: Owen? Max? Lucy? Will They Ever Make The Top 10? 

Are there any names you are surprised never made the top 10?

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Guest Blogging News: Sassy Short Girl Baby Names


Blythe doll at the cafe

Just like my Spotlight on Rafe inspired my Nameberry guest post, The Motorcycle Riding Poets, my post on Blythe inspired the Sassy Short Girl Baby Name post, which is running on Nameberry today.

Blythe inspired Sloane and the list grew from there.

You can see the list on Nameberry today and check out the photo they used, which I just love.

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Guest Blogging News: Combo Names

Peggy-Sues-DinerA couple of years ago I wrote about combo names, and still find the subject inspiring. In the past couple of years, I have discovered new combo names and created some of my own.

Creating your own combo name isn’t as easy as putting two names together; only certain names seem to work.

Traditional names that combine well are: Ann(e), Jane, and Mary.

Modern or revival names that combine well are: Ada, Ava, Ella, and May.

Personally I like Louisa, Louise, and Zara in combo names.

At Nameberry today I talk about combo names past, present and future and share some under-the-radar combo names.

Readers: What kind of combo names do you like? Have you ever tried to make up your own?