Spotlight Names


Certain names get stuck in my head for any number of reasons.

Maybe I am amazed that I don’t hear the name more often. Or maybe I hear the name often, but I’m amazed that the name isn’t that popular (yet). These names get filed away and sometimes get featured on the UBN blog.

Here are some of the most popular Spotlight Names:

Here are some other Spotlight Names under special categories. 

Failure to Launch Names

Names that never became as popular as they could have for any given decade. They fit the name styles of their time but never (or barely) made the top 100. Failure to Launch Names on UBN:

Great-grandparent Names

The real names of UBN readers’ (and my own) great-grandparents. If you would like to submit the story behind your great-grandparent’s name, you can contact me from my contact page. Maybe your guest post could appear on UBN along with these other terrific great-grandparent stories:

Unexpectedly Familiar Names

Almost everyone has heard of these names but hardly anyone has these names or considers them for babies. Unexpectedly Familiar Names on UBN:

Unfairly Dated Names

Hit names from past decades that have a lot in common with modern hit names and might make sense on more modern babies. Unfairly Dated Names on UBN:

Watch List Names

The UBN Watch List Report is a list of names I’m watching. These are usually names that I feel could become more popular or *should* become more popular. Any name that is different but not too different and has potential to be ahead of the curve gets added to the report.

New names are added to this report every year. Each year, after the newest US popular baby name data becomes available in May, the newest Watch List Names are revealed to UBN email followers.

When a name gets added to the Watch List, I start tracking the name’s birth numbers each year as part of the report. The Watch List Report includes names from the present year and past years.

Not every name on the Watch List Report gets featured on the UBN blog. But a few get mentioned:

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