Reader Q&A

Here are reader submitted questions with answers:

  • Reader Q&A Emergency! Baby is Due Tomorrow - When reader Kimberly approached me today for Baby Name Coaching, I would have loved to help her, but unfortunately she needs a name by tomorrow! The title is somewhat misleading. Kimberly’s baby isn’t due tomorrow. It was due on June 6! I don’t know many details. One thing is for sure: time is of the essence. Due […]
  • Reader Q&A: Naming Boy #4! - Anytime a new reader signs up to become part of the UBN email community, I ask the reader to share their biggest baby name challenges. I was intrigued when reader Britney shared the following: The most difficult aspect is naming multiple of the same gender! I am expecting my 4th son. 🙂 I asked Britney […]
  • Reader Q&A: How To Cope With Unusual Name Regret -   The conventional wisdom is that parents are more likely to regret picking a name that is too common. At least that is the conclusion made in an ABC news segment from 2011. ABC’s claim is that only a few parents regret giving their kid an unusual name, but that has not always been my experience […]
  • Reader Q&A Poll: Is Lennon Masculine or Feminine? - A few months ago I decided to reach out to the UBN email community and ask what they felt was the most difficult aspect of naming a baby. Their answers to that question were eye-opening. I decided this question would be a great followup email to new members once they join the community. I set the […]
  • Reader Q&A: Middle Names For Ann - I’ve recently become a proponent of promoting Ann from middle to first name status. One reader, Shannon, is planning to do just that! The problem, however, is that she is struggling to find a good middle name for Ann. Oh the irony. But once you start to dig, you will find that Ann has more […]
  • Reader Q&A: An Unwanted Nickname - Today’s reader Q&A comes from Elizabeth who picked a wonderfully unique name for her daughter, Philomena. Unfortunately, she didn’t realize a possible nickname that has been picked up by some of her relatives. When relatives start using a nickname for your child that you don’t like, how can you get them to stop? Watch below […]
  • Reader Q&A: Is Elliot Going To The Girls? Part 2 of 2 - Reader Jennifer reached out to me because the name she is considering should her unborn child be a boy has gained popularity with girls in recent years. The name in question, Elliott (spelled with 2 Ts) is almost in the girls’ top 1000 and the variation Elliot (with one T) had already hit the top […]
  • Reader Q & A: Is Elliot Going To The Girls? Part 1 of 2 - I love when readers give me ideas for UBN. Recently Jennifer reached out to me with a concern that the name she is considering for a possible son is gaining popularity on girls. Will Elliot (or Elliott) Become The Next Ashley? I did do a post on the subject of gender crossover names that looked […]
  • Reader Q & A: What Are Some Good “Smoosh” Names For Boys? - “Smoosh” names or double first names have gone through fashion cycles in the U.S. They have come and gone, but each time they come back, the names change. For example: The Victorian age had Lou-Ella (or Louella). The 20’s & 30’s had Betty-Jane and Mary-Jane. The mid-century or “Mad Men” era had: Ann-Marie, Mary-Ann, and […]
  • Reader Q&A: 4-Week-Old Nameless Son - I’m always humbled and flattered when a reader reaches out for help. In this case, I felt a huge responsibility because reader Carrie’s little son has already passed his one-month birthday and still has no name! This is a classic case of when every name seems wrong. With Carrie’s permission, I have posted her request […]

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