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I focus on tailoring my baby name advice based on what my readers need. To that end, most UBN advice is in response to feedback I get from the UBN email community and from readers’ post comments. Recently I reached out to the my email followers and asked them what the most difficult aspect was of naming a baby. I was so pleased with the response, and so grateful that I have such active readers.

Readers’ biggest challenges are:

Here are responses to specific reader questions:

Private Baby Name Coaching

If you are grappling with your own baby name dilemma, and would like to work with me,  you can learn more about UBN’s confidential and personal baby name coaching here. My focus is on being an independent adviser who will act as your coach and help you find the right name without telling you what to name your baby.

I also know first hand, from personal experience and helping other parents, that making your way through the fog of suggestions from friends and family can make you second guess your choices. I’m here to help you navigate through the fog of conflicting opinions and feel confident that you have found the right name.


Baby Name Trends

These are the sites I reference to find out how popular names are now and predict how popular names could become later.

Names That Are Popular Now (U.S.)

Social Security Administrations Popular Baby Names


Description: This site ranks the top 1000 popular names every year from 1880 to the past year or two. The top 1000 list is updated every May with name rankings from the  previous year. The site will also provide changes in rankings, and raw data for names outside the top 1000 as long as 5 babies were given the name any given year. When I refer to a name being within the US Top 10, 25, 50, 100, etc., I am using rankings from the US Social Security Administration unless I am referring to rankings outside the US.

Names That Could Become Popular Later (U.S.)

BabyCenter Rankings


Description: They have their own system for ranking baby names that is different from  the U.S. Social Security Administration’s data. According to BabyCenter, their data comes from a sample of “hundreds of thousands” of parents who shared their baby’s name with them. BabyCenter also combines spellings (e.g. Sophia and Sofia are combined).

Often names that rank highly on BabyCenter end up appearing higher in the U.S. Social Security list the following year.



Description: Nameberry is an online community of name enthusiasts created by baby name pioneers Pamela Redmond Satran & Linda Rosenkrantz. These two  authored the groundbreaking Beyond Jennifer & Jason which became Beyond Madison & Montana and recently Beyond Ava & Aiden. Nameberry readers (or berries or nameberries as they like to call themselves) enjoy seeking out different names. Often names popular on Nameberry breakout within the next few years.

UBN Baby Name Predictions

Visiting The 80 Year Rule


Description: Here I explain how I use the 80-100 year rule to find out the next vintage revival names. According to this rule, popular names recycle every 80-100 years. But the rule is a lot more complicated than simply recycling the most popular names from earlier times.

The Top 22 In 2022


Description: This 60 page report details which names are on the way in and which names are on the way out. I give my predictions on the top 22 girl and top 22 boy names from 2022.

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