If The 80-100 Year Rule Holds True…

...Are Donald and Barbara Destined to Become Our Grandchildren's Names?

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There’s a theory floating around that names recycle every 80-100 years–or every 4 generations.

With this in mind, predicting the names of the next generation should be easy right?

Surely the top 20 names from the 1930’s (80 years from now) are going to reclaim those ranks in 10-20 years. No?

Well, not necessarily.

Predicting which names from our grandparents’ generation will end up on future babies isn’t that simple.

In Visiting The 80 Year Rule, I explain why the names that come back in style aren’t usually the most popular names for great-grandparents.

Bonus: The video presentation also includes an alternative universe top 20, showing what today’s top 20 names might look like if popular names changed as slowly as they did 80 years ago.

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