Creative Baby Names

For years American parents have looked for “different but not too different” names for their babies.

You probably found Upswing Baby Names because you like names that are different but not too different. These are the names UBN is known for, different but not too different names ahead of the curve.

The natural questions are:

What makes a name different?


How different is too different?

In the How To Find a Creative Name That Isn’t Crazy series, I address these two questions:

This series was created with two goals in mind:

  1. To help parents evaluate names on their lists and see if they hit that “different but not too different” sweet spot, and
  2. To give adventurous parents guidelines for inventing names that don’t come across as trying too hard.

However, some parents are looking for ideas. The Surprising Names series showcases under-the-radar names that represent familiar, fashionable themes:

One word of caution: Since so many parents seek “different but not too different” names for their children, names that meet this golden mean are often future hit names of tomorrow.

But instead of trying to avoid any name with even the slightest chance of becoming more popular, why not embrace that.

UBN embraces that possibility by promoting names ahead of the curve.

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