Baby Name Coaching

 Can’t find a baby name? Tired of your family’s outdated name advice?shutterstock_51798271

“This has given us reassurance that we’ll avoid ‘name regrets’ and instead find a name that will best suit our child (and us) for life.”

Mom of two

Selecting your baby’s name is the first major life decision you will make for your child.

Since I launched UBN, readers have reached out to me for help naming their baby. I have been honored and humbled to be a part of such an important decision.

Some of these readers decided to work with me privately, while others have agreed to share their name quandaries on UBN.

From these experiences I have developed a unique talent for helping parents decide what is important in a name. I don’t pick your baby’s name; I help you find your baby’s name.

If you find yourself stuck finding that name, I would love to help.

I offer flexibility with two packages:

  • A one-time consultation
  • Ongoing consultations for your entire pregnancy.

What I recommend is signing up for the one-time consultation and then upgrading to the ongoing consultation if needed. If you opt to upgrade, your one-time consultation fee would get applied to your ongoing consultation fee, meaning you would pay no more than if you had signed up for the ongoing consultation first.

I accept payments through PayPal.

One-time Consultations

This is one emailed response that usually runs around 500-1200 words depending on whether you know the gender, whether you are having multiples, and other known or unknown variables.

Cost: 59.99

Ongoing Consultations

This package gives you unlimited access to me for the entire duration of your pregnancy. We will be in touch back and forth through email or Skype if you prefer.

Cost: 199.99*

*If you selected a one-time consultation and then decide to upgrade to an ongoing consultation, we will bill you the remaining $140.00 through PayPal.

What if I have questions?

If you would like to know more, you can email me here.

I’m ready to get started. What happens next?

Great! To buy a package you can fill out a brief questionnaire here to get started. You will receive an invoice through PayPal once I learn from the questionnaire which package you wish to buy.

This questionnaire only takes a minute. The questionnaire asks for your basic information that I need to begin.

One I receive your answers you will receive a PayPal invoice to the email address you provided in the questionnaire. Later you will get the opportunity to give more detailed, open-ended information.