Reader Q&A Emergency! Baby is Due Tomorrow

Reader Q&ABabyDueTomorrow

When reader Kimberly approached me today for Baby Name Coaching, I would have loved to help her, but unfortunately she needs a name by tomorrow!

The title is somewhat misleading. Kimberly’s baby isn’t due tomorrow. It was due on June 6!

I don’t know many details. One thing is for sure: time is of the essence.

Due to the short notice, I had to tell her that my schedule does not allow me to do a baby name consultation for her.

The good news is, since she has already narrowed her choices down to three names, I suggested she allow me to post her names on UBN as a poll. She graciously agreed.

She has some lovely names on her list:

  • Eloise Jane
  • Daphne Eloise
  • Eliza Daphne

Her older children are Jillian and Oliver.

Help Kimberly find a name. Place your vote below or feel free to chime in with a comment!


  1. Eliza gets my vote as it seems to go best with her existing children’s names. It rolls off the tongue.

  2. Katybug says:

    Eloise and Eliza pair better with Jillian and Oliver. I chose Eloise Jane because I like the first-middle combo better than Eliza Daphne. But if Eliza Jane had been a choice, I would have voted for that first. Middle names are hard! Good luck!

  3. I like either Eliza or Daphne with Jillian & Oliver. If it was just Jillian, I’d say Daphne. Just Oliver, I’d say Eliza. Eloise doesn’t fit as well with either of them so she doesn’t get my vote! I voted Eliza Daphne, but Daphne Eloise would maybe even be the better choice! Love Jane as a MN though! So my final vote goes to Daphne Jane.

  4. Jennifer R. says:

    Kimberly – I think in this case you have to realize the reason this is so hard is because they are all wonderful names. You can’t go wrong here. One is not a clear winner, and that’s a good thing.

    I love Daphne, but not with your two children’s names. Daphne is greek while Oliver and Jillian feel very English. I don’t like saying Oliver and Eloise together for some reason – the vowels and L’s get me I think. So I chose Eliza. But really, these are all so good. If you plan to use a nickname, that may help you choose between names. For example, Lizzy or Ellie?

    I agree with Katybug, Eliza Jane is so lovely. It may be a last name flow issue for why you didn’t choose it.

    Congrats on your new daughter! I hope the delivery goes well for you!

  5. I agree that all three are lovely names, so she can’t go wrong! Hopefully she managed to make an easy decision when she met her baby, or at least lives in a country which gives you a while to register the child’s name. Here in New Zealand you’re allowed a month, and I know the same was true in Australia when I was born, because it took a month for my parents to decide!

  6. I voted for Eliza, but only because it ticked the most boxes for me personally (I prefer it with the siblings’ names, and love how Eliza Daphne rolls of the tongue. So lilting and musical!) These are all great choices though! Best of luck, and know that there is really no wrong decision, and no shame in being slow to decide. I know friends who took a month to decide on a baby name, and their child is a happy well-adjusted toddler with a name that fits them beautifully ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. British American says:

    I’m tempted by the two names with Ls in them, since you already have two children with Ls in their names. But they sound too tongue-twistery in my mind when I say the three kids names together. Does Oliver go by Ollie sometimes? Would Eliza or Eloise end up being Ellie? I think Ollie and Ellie would be too similar for sibling nicknames.

    I voted for Daphne, because I like the name and the distinct sounds with your existing kids names.

    Daphne actually reminds me of the British character on Frasier, so it sounds British to me, to match the British sounds of Jillian and Oliver. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Allison says:

    At least the votes aren’t close at all.

  9. Although all the choices are lovely names, with the existing siblings, I think Eloise sounds the best.
    First, the continuation of having an L in the name seems right.
    Secondly, Jillian and Oliver both contain 3 syllables, with the spoken emphasis on the first syllable:
    “JILL-ee-an”, “OL-i-ver”. So Eloise (“EL-o-eeze”) fits that syllabication pattern.
    I wish the new mother all the best with her beautiful new baby girl!

    • Another factor I forgot to mention previously is the fact that Eloise Jane contains letters from both her siblings’ names: Eloise contains L,O, I and E, from Oliver, and Jane starts with a J, like big sister Jillian. To me, those subtle ties to her siblings’ names make it extra special. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Eloise Jane goes so well with her other children’s names. All three names would be perfect though, good naming Momma!

  11. I saw on a new website http://www.parenting-checkpoint/baby-names/Eliza that Eliza is the “smartest female name”.
    Eliza is 6.5 times more likely to study at Yale and 3.5 times more likely to study at Harvard than an average female student.

  12. Interesting, the votes of 3 names are so close. What is the final choice?

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