Name Spotting: Oceana

OceanaLast week I took Fiona to the hair salon for her back-to-school hair cut. While waiting for Fiona’s turn in the chair, I started looking at the hairstyle books in the waiting area.

In a book of children’s hair styles titled Passion Kids Volume 8, one of the models stuck out. All of the kiddies were adorable, but this girl was striking with dark hair, long dark eyelashes and blue-grey eyes.

And then I was pleasantly surprised to see that she had an equally striking name: Oceana.

No name seemed more fitting for this beautiful child with eyes that could almost be described as aquatic-colored.

Oceana is a feminine form of Oceanus, a name featured in UBN’s Names from the Mayflower. According to Nameberry, the variation Oceane (oh-she-ANN) is very fashionable in France.

Oceana has always been rare. It has never been in the US top 1000. There were only 25 newborn girls named Oceana last year.

The more literal Ocean is slightly more popular, but still uncommon, given to 62 girls and 85 boys last year.

This nautical name might seem whimsical, but when compared to names like Brook and River, it is a real possibility on a modern child.



  1. Jennifer R. says:

    Oceana seems the most beautifully fitting name for that stunning child!

    How do you find out how many babies we given a certain name in each year? Thanks!

    • The SSA popularity lists (with their downloadable file they show all names that were used at least five times for each gender).

    • To find the downloadable file with the numbers of babies given each name every year, from the popular baby name site (, you click on “Background Information” and then “Beyond the top 1000”. From there you will be able to download a spreadsheet for each year the SSA has baby name stats, going back to 1880.

  2. I met a little Zora the other day!

    • I approved your message, re: Zora, but for whatever reason, I don’t see it on the site. I will look into this and figure out what’s going on…

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