2013 Baby Names: The Other Top 10


The 2013 official top 1000 baby name list from the US Social Security administration has now been made public. The event is almost like a national holiday in the baby name community.

The biggest top baby news: For the first time since 1999 there is a new number one boy name. Noah has surpassed Jacob as number one.

The Social Security list is the official top name list, the last word in a name’s popularity.

But the list is already five months old when it debuts. Because name trends are changing faster than ever before, the official Social Security list is more of a window into the past than the present and future.

For those seeking insight into names that are popular now, there are alternatives. One of my favorite alternative sources for name data is BabyCenter, a parenting site with their own name rankings. And now Google also offers an alternative.

The other day I discovered a tool called Google Trends. The most interesting feature of Google Trends is the “year in review” segment charting the top searches for 2013.

As part of this “year in review” Google Trends provides the top searched baby names for boys and girls. One caveat: not all the names on Google’s top 10 list are necessarily popular because people are considering them for a baby. Some of these names may have made the list due to newsworthy people with the name.

For example, when one digs a little deeper into the top 10 list, one will see that the top boy name, Luke, had a high number of searches mostly due to queries related to country music star, Luke Bryan.

Nevertheless, Google’s top 10 names are important to note. I just had to share them and compare their Google ranking with their official Social Security ranking and their BabyCenter ranking. *Note: the BabyCenter ranking is for the current year at time of writing, 2014, and could change before the year is through.

Every time I discover new name stats, I get giddy. And I don’t think I’m alone. According to Google Trends, the search volume for boy and girl names has gone up in the past year.

Could many of the Google top 10 names end up on the official top 10 at some point? I can’t say for sure, but I’ve included trend information so you can see which way each name seems to be headed.

But wait—there’s more! Sorry I couldn’t help myself.

When applicable, I included the name’s projected 2022 rank in UBN’s Top 22 in 2022 report so you can see which names made my list.

Here is how the Google top 10 fares on the 2013 US Social Security List, BabyCenter, and UBN’s Top 22 in 2022. Included is also where each name is trending.

* About the trend info: Most of the trend indicators are based on how each name is trending on the Social Security list, but if the name isn’t on the Social Security list or there is a big discrepancy, I include how the name trends on BabyCenter.


Name 2013 Social Security Rank 2014 Baby Center Rank Projected 2022 Rank Trend
1.Luke #34 #16 NA Up
2.Austin #65 #50 NA Plateau
3.Jackson #16 #7 #18 Up
4.Adrian #60 #68 NA Plateau
5.Jordan #53 #73 NA Slightly Down
6.Alexander #8 #19 #19 Plateau
7.Carson #90 #92 NA Slightly Down
8.Cameron #59 #42 NA Plateau
9.Christopher #26 #63 NA Slightly Down
10.Cooper #84 #62 NA Slightly Down


Name 2013 Social Security Rank 2014 Baby Center Rank Projected 2022 Rank Trend
1.Fallon NA #189 NA Up (on BabyCenter)
2.Chloe #14 #14 #20 Slightly Down
3.Jaden #980 #191 NA Down (but dramatically Up on BabyCenter)
4.Harper #16 #9 #8 Up
5.Logan #425 #148 NA Plateau (but Up on BabyCenter)
6.Emma #2 #2 #11 Plateau
7.Cadenza NA NA NA Unknown
8.Lily #27 #13 #3 Down
9.Sloane #406 #144 NA Up
10.Mia #6 #6 #14 Slightly Up


Only a few of the Google top 10 also appear on the official US Social Security top 10, and a couple on the girl top 10 didn’t even make the official top 1000.

For example, based on Google’s data, it’s hard to say if Fallon made the top spot because suddenly people like the name or because 2013 was a newsworthy year for Jimmy Fallon. However, sometimes pop culture news influences name choices, either consciously or subconsciously, meaning Fallon is a name to watch either way.

More UBN News: Now that the 2013 top names are available, I’m going to update the Top 22 in 2022 report to track how the names are doing. I’m also creating the newest Watch List Report. If you signed up to receive these reports, you will get the latest versions once they become available.

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Readers: Are you surprised by the Google top 10?

Photo Credit: Dyrk.Wyst via Compfight cc. *The photo is a chalkboard background that has been modified.


  1. I honestly expected this to be a list of the most popular names if spellings were combined so I was surprised when it turned out to be something completely different. Those do surprise me for sure!

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