Reader Q&A: Middle Names For Ann

I’ve recently become a proponent of promoting Ann from middle to first name status.

One reader, Shannon, is planning to do just that!

The problem, however, is that she is struggling to find a good middle name for Ann.

Oh the irony.

But once you start to dig, you will find that Ann has more middle name possibilities than ever imagined.

Watch and listen to Shannon’s plight and my suggestions.

So many of us are used to putting Ann in the middle that when we try to use it as a first name, we may find the search for a middle name challenging at first.

But once you get past the old habit of relegating Ann to the middle and let Ann shine, you will see that you actually have so many wonderful middle name options.

And I feel Ann is about ready to come out from the shadows, shed its boring reputation and become appreciated again for its elegant, understated style.

Good Luck Shannon!

Readers: What middle names can you come up with for Ann?

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  1. Ann Wilhelmina
    Ann Juliette
    Ann Violette
    Ann Violet
    Ann Ariella
    Ann Mariah
    Ann Isadora
    Ann Theodora
    Ann Isabella
    Ann Isabelle
    Ann Marissa
    Ann Larissa
    Ann Leora
    Ann Eleora
    Ann Cecelia
    Ann Seraphina
    Ann Lavinia
    Ann Juniper
    Ann Hyacinth
    Ann Wisteria
    Ann Amaryllis
    Ann Primrose
    Ann Eleanor
    Ann Augustina
    Ann Laurelia

  2. I love the sound of Ann Juliet, and would like to “second” the above comment. It’s an obviously literary name, but I think the usage feels modern. I think Angela hit on something with the suggestion of Ann Margret, the hard T-sound is a real winner with Ann. Some more ideas:

    Ann Cosette/Colette
    Ann Bridget
    Ann Evette
    Ann Odette
    Ann Lynette
    Ann Harriet
    Ann Rosette
    Ann Celeste

    Some “modern sounding”, hard T middles:
    Ann Alouette
    Ann Elliot (unisex)
    Ann Sonnet
    Ann Lilibet

  3. I think Ann Elizabeth is great
    Ann Evelyn
    Ann Gwendolyn
    Ann Martha
    Ann Katherine

  4. I agree with the hard T! My cousin’s name is Anne Therese and I think that’s lovely.

  5. I love a long middle name with Ann. Something like Ann Cordelia, Ann Octavia, Ann Matilda, Ann Isabella, Ann Lavinia… all lovely.

  6. All these Anne’s without an E are making me twitch! I think Anne as a first name especially needs the E to look pretty and complete.

    My middle name is Michelle. Obviously that’s an 80’s name (although my parents picked it because it was a combo of their names) but I like how it flows. A single syllable first name needs 2 or 3 syllables for the middle name in my opinion.

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