Reader Q&A: Is Elliot Going To The Girls? Part 2 of 2


Reader Jennifer reached out to me because the name she is considering should her unborn child be a boy has gained popularity with girls in recent years.

The name in question, Elliott (spelled with 2 Ts) is almost in the girls’ top 1000 and the variation Elliot (with one T) had already hit the top 1000 a couple of years ago.

In the first part of this series, I compared Elliot (with one T since that spelling is in the top 1000 for both genders) to three gender crossover names that have gone to the girls: Addison, Ashley, Aubrey.

See Part 1 here.

The comparisons with Addison and Ashley were encouraging for those who feel Elliot should stay on the “blue team”.

Addison and Ashley were never very popular on boys and spent a lot of time outside the boys’ top 1000, unlike Elliot which has been in the boys’ top 1000 for about a century.

This suggests Elliot has a solid history on the boys’ side to keep it there.

However, the findings with Aubrey weren’t as encouraging–unless you prefer Elliot on a girl.

While Aubrey was never very popular on boys, it had never left the boys’ top 1000 until 2009, when it suddenly took off on girls.

Almost a century ago, Aubrey was more popular on boys than Elliot.

Could Elliot go the way of Aubrey?

Watch my take.

My opinion is just my opinion. I would love to hear from readers on this.

Readers: In your opinion, is Elliot a boy name, girl name or unisex name?


  1. Jennifer R. says:

    Thank you Angela, so much food for thought!

    I think you are so right about Elliott being different on a boy than on a girl, similar to Kelly. I also see how perhaps it could be the next Jordan, seen along other unisex names like Riley or Quinn.

    I love your site a will keep reading as we consider names for our newest family member! Have a great weekend!

  2. Ah! Sorry, the one vote for “all girl” was an error. Elliott is all boy!

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