Video Presentation: Visiting The 80 Year Rule


Recently I shared with Nameberry readers which names from the 1930’s are most likely to come back in style within the next couple of decades.

Why did I focus on the 1930’s?

Because the 1930’s was about 80 years ago, positioning these names for revival based on the 80 (or 100 year rule). This rule is based the theory that popular names recycle every 80-100 years–or every four generations.

This site was created to help parents find names ahead of the curve. Understandably, to find these names, I sometimes rely on the 80-100 year recycle theory. But this theory is more complex than simply recycling the top ranking names from 80 years ago.

I explain why this is in my video presentation, Visiting The 80 Year Rule.

This presentation shows how top ranking names from 80 years ago stuck around a lot longer than they do today, and why this affects the 80 year rule.

Bonus: The video presentation also includes an “Alternative Universe Top 20”.

In this alternative universe, 2012’s top 20 girl names still change at 1933 rates.

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