Get Access To Seasonal Baby Name Poll Greetings, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

This holiday season I have thought of ways to give my UBN email followers stuff I don’t make available to everyone else.

If you trust me with your email, I want to reward you with extra stuff.

In case you have noticed, the latest Name Game Challenge (which is a poll on attitudes about holiday-themed baby names) is password protected. This is the only way I know how to give my email followers exclusive access to the poll.

This doesn’t mean that suddenly I will start password protecting all of my content. On the contrary, most stuff on UBN will continue to be freely available to all visitors.

I scheduled an email to the UBN email community, to go out tomorrow, which focuses on seasonal, holiday-themed baby names. This email has the password to take part in the poll.

However, I don’t want visitors to wonder why this poll is password protected and become disappointed if they don’t have the password.

You can get the password and become a UBN email follower by entering your email address below:


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