Guest Blogging News: Will They Ever Make The Top 10?


I am often shocked at which names never made the top 10. These are wonderfully appealing names, like Owen, Max, and Lucy.

I share this list of top 10 caliber names with Nameberry readers today.

Some of these names seem like they should have made the top 10 decades ago, such as Ann / Anne, while others, such Owen, Max, and Lucy, feel like they should be in the top 10 now.

Do you agree? Disagree?

To see the list and find out why I feel these names have top 10 appeal check out my guest post: Owen? Max? Lucy? Will They Ever Make The Top 10? 

Are there any names you are surprised never made the top 10?

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  1. I think names like Wren and Lark should come back. It just sounds like nature.

    • Jennifer R. says:

      Wren and Lark are both making serious waves… just not yet charted in the U.S. I guess they can’t really make a comeback if they were never actually popular. Lark is traditionally a boy name. Both have been featured extensively on all the big naming blogs/sites as of late. I love both names!! Too bad I can never use them with my one syllable last name.

  2. Jennifer R. says:

    How is Jayden #7 for boys in 2012 and Madison #9 for girls, but Owen and Lucy never made the top 10? It does seem quite strange! But then I look around me and here are the names I see:

    Kaden, Caden, and Kaiden
    Too many Jayden/Jaeden and Braden/Brayden/Braedon’s to count
    Koaltin (yes, spelled like Koala)
    Colman (no e, not sure why)
    Austyn – on a boy but with a Y no less
    Baxley -girl

    In my neck of the woods, more made up names and spellings are “in” and lovely classics like Lucy, Owen, and Max are out. My fingers are crossed that my area gets better taste in names before I am naming little ones and they are coming home with friends named Jaxyn and Jealynn.

  3. I’m surprised by most of your list but Ann/e and Jane are probably the biggest surprise. They’re so classic! And with Elizabeth never ranking lower than 30 since 1880, you’d think she could move over for a year or two for one of her fellow classic sisters.

    As for the boy’s names, they strike me as more “today” so they haven’t had as much of a chance in the past to make it to the top. I think the problem with Max (and why it seems so much more popular) is because it is not only a name but a nickname for Maxwell, Maximus, Maximilian, Maximo, etc. (I have a Maximus). You hear Max often but it isn’t always “just Max”.

    And I’m with you, Jennifer R., I’m not a fan of all those made up names either.

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