Seasonal Baby Names For Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

4-seasonsIf you are a child of the 80s, perhaps you remember friends’ moms (or your own mom) “getting their colors done” or discovering their “seasons”. Perhaps you remember people say things like, “I’m an autumn.”

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, the premise behind discovering your “season” is that each person’s coloring falls into one of four seasons based on whether a person’s coloring is fair vs. dark and warm (yellow undertones) vs. cool (pink undertones). Each season has its own color palette. Each season’s color palette is supposed to compliment people in that season and decide those people’s best clothing and makeup colors.

While I can take or leave garbage pail kids and jelly shoes, I’m ready for “finding your season” to come back in vogue. Lately I’ve been guessing the seasons of people I know or strangers I see on the street.

Hubby is a probably a winter. My kids are autumns. My mom is probably an autumn and my dad is probably a spring or a summer. I’m not sure what I am. I’ve narrowed it down to autumn or spring.

Naturally I also try to catalog baby names into seasons. This is my method for answering the question, “What does a [insert name here] look like?”

Before I assign baby names to the seasons, here’s a brief overview of each color season, complete with Disney Princess representatives.

DCA_Snow_White_2007-12-31 Winter
Characterized by: Dark & Cool.
Description: Winters always have very dark hair, sometimes with a faint blue cast. People with olive complexions and many (but certainly not all) black and Asian people are winters.
Celebrity Examples: Courteney Cox or Kim Kardashian.
Color Palette: Think of the traditional winter landscape and intense, bright colors such as white, aqua, fuchsia.
ariel-little-mermaid-2 Spring
Characterized by: Light & Warm.
Description: People with light hair or skin with warm undertones. Most springs are blondes but people with light to medium brown hair with blonde or red highlights can also be springs. A few very fair redheads fall into this category.
Celebrity Examples: Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson, Nicole Kidman.
Color Palette: Think of the traditional spring landscape or Easter colors: gold, lime-green, peach.
Disneyland_Cinderella_handstogether Summer
Characterized by: Light & Cool.
Description: Summers are often ash blonde (with no gold or red highlights), but can have chocolate-brown hair without any gold or red highlights.
Celebrity Examples: Reese Witherspoon or Jennifer Aniston.
Color Palette: Think of sand art colors: grey, periwinkle, khaki, powder pink.
Disneyland_2012-04-20_Belle Autumn
Characterized by: Dark & Warm.
Description: People with deeper hair and/or skin with warm undertones. Most redheads and Hispanic people are autumns. People with chestnut-brown hair with red or gold highlights are usually autumns. Even some people with dark blonde hair can be autumns. This season seems to cover a wide spectrum of coloring and I suspect this may be the season most people fall into. And honestly I have a hard time differentiating between the softer autumns who are light brunette/dark blonde and some springs, which is why I can’t figure out my season.
Celebrity Examples: Lindsay Lohan, Eva Longoria, the Olsen twins.
Color Palette: Think of the traditional autumn landscape: orange, olive-green, brown.


This color analysis system is based on the 1898 color theory by artist and professor Albert Munsell. In the 1980s Carole Jackson introduced color analysis to the mainstream with her book Color Me Beautiful.

The system never went away. Seasonal color analysis is still around and has actually become more complex with 12 – 16 “seasons”. For instance there are 3 – 4 types of “winters”, etc. For the purposes of assigning baby names a season I’m sticking with the simple 4 season system.

If you want to read more about color analysis and discover your own season, here is a fun site where I got the above celebrity examples (except for the Disney Princesses in the pictures, which I guessed): Pretty Your World

Now on to assigning baby names a season. Some of the names have direct ties to the season, such as calendar and nature names, while others are more subtle. See if you can find out how each name is related to its season.

Winter Names
Blanche, Blanca, Bianca

Spring Names
Rain, Raine, Rainy

Summer Names

Autumn Names


No one really knows what a newborn baby’s “season” will be. Genetics are notorious pranksters. Two “summer” parents aren’t guaranteed “summer” offspring so what should an expectant parent make of all of this?

With seasonal and calendar inspired names coming back in style (Winter entered the top 1000 for the first time in almost 30 years in 2012, and Mae, June, and August are all trending upwards), I suspect people are becoming more interested in seasonal themed names. This interest in the seasons could carry over to other areas of fashion, and could revive an interest in seasonal color consultations. Perhaps women (and some men) will once again eagerly learn their seasons.

No one can be certain what season an unborn baby will be, but people are usually somewhat aware of when an unborn baby will be born. Perhaps these names would be great for babies born during a certain season.

But not everyone is interested in naming baby after the season of birth. Consider these lists as nothing more than a source of inspiration. An expectant mom could take a chance on her future baby’s appearance and pick a name from her baby’s predicted season. Even if this expectant mom predicts the wrong season for her baby, she has nothing to lose. My seasonal name assignments are hardly scientific.

Seasonal color consulting is somewhat scientific, but isn’t foolproof. One of the reasons the practice died down was because people were often misdiagnosed as the “wrong season”. I’ve seen Angelina Jolie and Katie Holmes classified as every season except spring by color consultant bloggers.

Regardless of season, most people grow into their names. Any name on these lists will fit a person from any season.

Readers: Which featured seasonal name list is your favorite? Do you know your season?

Four season photo credit

Disney Princess photo credits
Snow White for Winter
Ariel for Spring*
Cinderella for Summer
Belle for Autumn

*I almost used Tinkerbell for spring since I feel she is a better representation of spring, but she is a fairy not a princess and wanted to keep the continuity.

I’m not really an expert at this color analysis thing and used the Disney Princess outfits as more of a guide for determining their seasons. Ariel could be an autumn since she has red hair, but she is very fair and dressed in spring colors (warm pastels as opposed to earthy fall colors), which leads me to suspect she is one of the redheaded springs. I considered Aurora for spring, but I’m not sure if she is a spring or a summer. I don’t know if her dress counts as a cotton candy “summer” pink or a hot “spring” pink. Sometimes the differences between cool and warm seem so subtle to me, especially with fair-skinned blondes and pastel colors.


  1. Gosh yes, I remember everyone “getting their colours done”. I’m not sure exactly how it works, because I am supposedly a Summer, but everyone tells me that I look best in bright rich colours, like rose red and deep purple, or in dark colours like charcoal and navy, but supposedly I should be wearing powder pink and khaki – two colours which make me look ghastly (anything pink seems to make my skin look red and blotchy, unless it’s so bright pink that it’s almost red).

    The summer names are gorgeous though. 🙂

    • I just now discovered that the practice was also popular in the U.K. and Australia. I’m assuming it was probably popular in Canada and other English-speaking countries. I didn’t realize it was an international thing. I never had “my colors done”. My mom never had hers done either. Knowing my mom, I suspect she thought the expense was frivolous. But if I could afford it, I would totally have my colors done. I wanna know! I’m left figuring it out on my own, and it’s hard to be objective on yourself.

      While I made the lists, and like all the names for one reason or another, I admit to being partial to the Spring names.

      • My older sister got her colours done as a teen uni student, and has never deviated from the advice given, even though she’s well into middle age now. She still takes swatches when she goes clothes shopping, and wears spring colours always (lots of pastels and variations on beige). If you really stick to it strictly, I guess it does save time, and at the time it gave her more self-confidence.

        I have a funny shape so finding clothes that just fit is a challenge: if I had to restrict by colour as well, I think I would end up with just 2 things to wear!

  2. I’m a Winter and I totally forgot about this until just now…. we’re actually considering using Winter as the middle name of our girl child… once we find out the gender!

  3. Michelle says:

    Oh, you forgot the most obvious names.
    Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. All have been in the top 1000 at some point.
    I’d say the Autumn names are my favourite.
    Here are my favorites from each season:

    Spring: Raina
    Also like: Laverne, Mae, May

    Summer: Azure
    Also like: Coral

    Autumn: Saffron
    Also like: Basically everything

    Winter: Bianca
    Also like: Snow, Amethyst

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