2012 Baby Names Are Here & How Our 2013 Rising Stars Did

newborn-babyThe 2012 names from the Social Security Administration are here!

The 2012 names were released yesterday afternoon. Seriously, the day should be a national holiday. Okay. I’m not really serious, but Name Day would make a great holiday for the growing society of name people.

And I just realized, the morning after “Name Day”, I still don’t know the new top 10 names. I just completely overlooked them. I must be recovering from the morning after the festivities!

For me, the real story is what is happening lower in the ranks, and which names are climbing and falling. I could tell you the top ten fastest climbers. I do have to check the top 10. I wonder how 2011 big climber Mason did?

But before I get to that, I will share my routine every year for the day the newest top names are released. First I check my kids’ names. Then I check the top fastest climbing names. Then I check on some names I’m watching.

One of the big names I’ve been watching is Harper (on a girl). Harper is a name I believe will eventually hit the girls’ top 10. This is one of my predictions from Upswing Baby Names Top 22 in 2022.

Harper looks like it’s headed there even quicker than I thought. Harper is now in the girls’ top 25 at #24. By 2022 Harper may have already been in the top 10 and may have begun its decline. We shall see.

Hipster favorites Adelaide and Matilda continue to climb, but not dramatically. Adelaide is at #343 and Matilda is at #658.

Now to check some other name’s I’ve been watching, the 2013 rising stars. These are names I felt had the best chance to make the 2012 top 1000 for girls and boys.


  • Cecily – Still Not There!
  • Lavinia – Still Not There!
  • Louisa – Still Not There!
  • Mabel – Still Not There!
  • Ophelia – Still Not There!
  • Persephone – Still Not There!
  • Sylvie – Still Not There!
  • Viola – Still Not There!

Score: 0 of 8.

This does not bum me out. Do you know why I like doing these predictions?

Because I will always be pleased one way or the other. If my predictions were right I could have celebrated my awesome forecasting skills, but since my predictions were all wrong I’m celebrating that these lovely names are still underused! Hooray!

I am very surprised, shocked even, that Louisa and Sylvie are still not in the top 1000. I even brought up the entire list of the top 1000 and searched and re-checked again this morning to make sure there was no mistake. But as Martha Stewart says, “It’s a good thing.”


  • Alistair – Still Not There!
  • Ephraim – Still Not There!
  • Ewan – Still Not There!
  • Lachlan – Still Not There!
  • Linus – Still Not There!
  • Magnus – Still Not There!
  • Roscoe – Still Not There!
  • Thatcher – Still Not There!

Score: 0 of 8

Missed them all again! But that has hardly ruined my day. For parents seeking outside the top 1000 names, these are still some great choices. But I’m very surprised that Lachlan and Ewan have still not hit the top 1000.

Since none of these names are in the top 1000, which names are new to those ranks? That topic is for next week.

And… big drum roll… I will begin work on the next Watch List Report with more names I am watching.

Anyone who’s on that subscriber list will automatically get the newest report once its available. And, of course, if you are not on the list, invitations will get sent out to sign-up for your copy once its available.

BTW, here’s the scoop on my kids’ names:

  • Fiona climbed (56 places ugh) and is now close to the top 200.
  • Paul continues its gentle fall.

I’m not surprised with either finding. As early as 2013 my kids’ names could cross paths while Fiona’s on its way up and Paul’s on its way down.

No matter how my kids (or their names) do, I’ve learned to be at peace and will be their champion along the way.

Readers: Do you do anything special for “Name Day”? Did you find anything fascinating about the top 2012 baby names?

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  1. All of these names with the exception of Lavinia and Roscoe were in the top 2000. Here are the exact numbers:

    #1051 Mabel (238 births)
    #1110 Louisa (222 births)
    #1376 Sylvie (169 births)
    #1408 Viola (162 births)
    #1543 Persephone (141 births)
    #1574 Ophelia (137 births)
    #1786 Cecily (114 births)
    Lavinia (52 births)

    #1011 Ephraim (193 births)
    #1040 Lachlan (183 births)
    #1054 Thatcher (179 births)
    #1146 Magnus (158 births)
    #1245 Ewan (140 births)
    #1255 Linus (139 births)
    #1342 Alistair (125 births)
    Roscoe (54 births)

    Nancy compiled names 1001-2000 here: http://www.nancy.cc/2013/05/09/beyond-the-top-1000-baby-names-of-2012/

    • That’s a great list. Lavinia and Roscoe were admittedly long-shots but they have top 1000 style to me. I see Louisa and Sylvie are almost there. I’m surprised Ephraim ranks higher than Ewan.

  2. I’m surprised about Louisa too. My husband loves the name and I’d always shot it down with “Oh it’s getting so popular though! I find it a little boring.” because I swear I hear it everywhere! I think it is positively rampant as a middle name if not as a first. Wouldn’t it be nice if SSA tracked middles as well? 🙂 He is still set on using it at some point so we better take our chance soon before it makes the leap!

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