Who Has Sold A Name To Skeptical Partner?

skeptical-babyA couple of weeks ago I shared 5 Ways To Sabotage Your Baby Name Search. One “baby name saboteur”, was #2: Failing to Compromise With Your Partner. This doesn’t mean I recommend giving up on a name right away. I even mentioned that I encourage trying to sell a name to a skeptical partner before resorting to compromise.

This led me to wonder if this topic, selling a name to a skeptical partner, deserves some attention. How do you sell a name to a skeptical partner?

Because I wanna know. I have some ideas of pitfalls to avoid (which I will get into later), but I imagine some tips on how to improve chances for success would be helpful too. And for that I am seeking suggestions from readers since my experience is limited.

I have some experience in this area. My husband wasn’t open to one of my “crazy” names. In my case things worked themselves out; the name in question was for a girl and we ended up having a boy, eliminating the issue.

Have any of you tried to sell a name to your partner? Were you successful? How did you do it?

Readers: Have you ever tried to sell a name to a skeptical partner?

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  1. Toniette says:

    I have! We had a girl name picked out almost 3 years ago, and had a boy… he is Felix. He would have been Penelope, nn Nella. 21 mths later, my sis and I were preg at the same time and she chose Ella for her daughter… girl cousins who live in the same town and are only 9 days apart can’t be Nella & Ella, so we had to come up with something different.

    I was in LOVE with the name Blythe, but my husband didn’t like it for a variety of reasons… however, I couldn’t love another name, and I had several other name-nerd friends equally smitten with Blythe. So, I began my campaign, and since he wasn’t one to come up with other suggestions, or lobby for a different option, she was Blythe, and was born almost a year ago. He did tell me the week after she was born that he really wasn’t feeling her name (which sent postpartum hormonal me into a panic!), he is alright with it now. Now Blythe is a real person, and she wears her name well 🙂

    • I hear a lot of stories about Dads quick to veto names but hesitant to come up with other suggestions. I agree that most people get the names they were meant to have and grow into their names.

  2. My husband is a sentimentalist. He vetoes every name I run past him at first, but I search for names with a personal connection. Nature, music, and anything else that reminds him of good memories are all fair game. All it takes is a little persistence and he usually ends up loving it.

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