Which Names Will Be Popular In 2022?

That’s the golden question.

We all have our opinions. The challenge is knowing when a trend has hit its tipping point. If you are a regular reader of Upswing Baby Names, you may remember my stance is that names turnover quickly, but general trends do not. Maybe parents will get tired of Lily, but still love botanical names.

The baby name obsessed may be tired of Aiden and Jayden, but I feel both will be in the top 22 in ten years. For the girls, I see Isabella, Olivia, and Sophia still in the top 10 but not Ava, Emily, and Madison. Which names could take Ava, Emily and Madison’s place? The answer is in Upswing Baby Names Top 22 in 2022.

This 60 page book includes, along with a predicted list of the top 22 names for boys and girls (a total of 44 names), a detailed explanation behind each prediction. This is the project I have worked on these past few weeks. And I’m offering it for free.

I could sell it but I would rather offer a more personalized premium product, which I will be launching soon. Besides – it’s the holiday season, a season of generosity.

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  1. Thanks! I love your blog and I can’t wait to read this.

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