2011 Top U.S. Names Are Here!

The day us name fanatics wait for has finally arrived, after a slight delay. We were all on edge, expecting the results to come in the Friday before Mother’s Day as is tradition. Now we can all breathe a sigh of relief.

For those who haven’t seen them, here are the top 10:

Screen shot from the Social Security Administration

More 2011 name ranks can be found at the U.S. Social Security Administration’s Popular Baby Name Site.

Surprises for me:

  • Mason increased so much. I suspected Mason would hit the top 10 for the first time, but wouldn’t get higher than the 9th or 10th spot. Mason has surpassed Aiden.
  • Madison is still in the top 10 but Addison is not.
  • Mia didn’t increase more dramatically.

Laura Wattenberg at The Baby Name Wizard Blog comments on the unprecedented turnover in #1 girl names over the past five years, something I had also noticed:

2007: Emily

2008: Emma

2009 – 2010: Isabella

2011: Sophia

I’m working on a more in-depth report on names outside the top 10 (where I feel the real story is) for this Monday. Until then we have a spotlight name for Thursday, which I have to quickly edit to switch placeholder 2010 rankings for the more current 2011 rankings.

Readers: Do you see any surprises in the 2011 top 10?



  1. The popularity of Madison surprises me too, since she’s really been falling here lately. As for Mason, it’s odd to see such a big jump like that in the upper ranks of the name popularity list.

    • Exactly! Once a name gets to the top 10, the positive side (or so I thought) was that at least the name wasn’t going to see any dramatic changes in popularity.

  2. I wasn’t surprised to see Mason at #2, because there has been soooo much buzz around on the name online. I think some times name nerds are so interested in seeing whether some obscure name like Katniss increases by 3 uses or 30, they forget that down in the trenches, the average baby namer is going to be far more attracted by something like Mason.

    Mason won a Matilda Award from Yahoo Answers last year, and away from Nameberry, everyone is crazy for that name.

    Like Lou, Madison seems strange in the Top 10, it’s a name that never got terrifically high here, and is already falling. I really fail to see the appeal of either Mason or Madison, I must say.

    Abigail is one I am (to my surprise) tipping for us to catch onto in the future.


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