NAME GAME CHALLENGE: Six Degrees of John

Like the very first Name Game Challenge, Six Degrees of Elizabeth, Six Degrees of John is a take on “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.” This game is based on the theory that any actor in Hollywood can be linked to Kevin Bacon through six roles or six steps.

The names below are not directly derived from John but are derived from John by at least one name or “degree”. For example, Jane is separated from John by three steps (or related names). Jane is the Medieval English form of Jehanne, an Old French form of Iohannes, a Greek form of Yochanan, a Hebrew form of John.

Interesting note, while researching this game, I discovered there weren’t many names that were one to three steps removed from John, most are removed by several steps (more than 6) or cousins on different branches of the same family tree. As an example, I originally planned to include Hanna, but the links between John and Hanna are surprisingly complicated. John and Hanna are like distant cousins on the same family tree.

With that said, since I did research to come up with these, doing your own research is perfectly acceptable.

For the names below, give the missing link (or links) to John. In the Jane example above, listing Jehanne, Iohannes, and Yochanan is all that is expected, but those who wish to give details are welcome. Please don’t be discouraged from participating if you are only able to give the missing link for some of the names or only know some of the missing links for any of the names. At the moment there are no prizes, other than bragging rights.

Usually there are six names, but with this challenge, the relationships are surprisingly complicated. Consequently, five seemed like enough to keep you guys busy!

  • Gianna
  • Hans
  • Evan
  • Bevan
  • Janna

For the bonus: more than one of these names shares the same missing links. List these names and their missing link(s)!

You can take part through the comments or contact us.

Answers will be revealed next Wednesday. Good luck!

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  1. Fun!

    Gianna – Giovanna – Giovanni – Iohannes – Yochanan – John
    Hans – Johannes – Ioannes – Yochanan – John
    Evan – Iefan – John
    Bevan – Evan – Iefan – John
    Janna – Jan – Johannes – Ioannes – Yochanan – John


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