NAME GAME CHALLENGE: Guess the First “Unfairly Dated” Name

Our “Failure to Launch” Spotlight names are going on hiatus. We may bring this series back, but first want to try a new subset to Spotlight names: Unfairly Dated Names.

Unfairly Dated Names are names that peaked between 15-60 years ago, but there is no logical reason these names couldn’t work on a baby today. I’m certain the only reason these names aren’t embraced by modern parents is that they are typecast as parent and grandparent names. They are not old enough to recycle. This is unfortunate.

These names may have peaked during a certain decade, but their timeless and sometimes modern attributes make them stand-outs. At one point these names were ahead of the trends, and likely will be again.

This week’s name game is to guess the very first Unfairly Dated Name.

That alone is vague enough to be frustrating so here are some hints:

  1. This name is currently a popular grandma name.
  2. But the name has a currently fashionable letter, found in many popular baby names today.

Even if you guess wrong, you could see your submission as a future Unfairly Dated Name. Assuming your submission is not already in our queue, you will be credited, unless you specify that you want to remain anonymous. There are already over 20 names granted the “unfairly dated” status by Upswing Baby Names.

As always, you can enter through the comments, the contact form or email at contact at upswingbabynames dot com. If submitting by contact form or email, please indicate if you wish to remain anonymous should we feature your submission as a future Unfairly Dated Name.

Next Wednesday the answer will be revealed and the following Friday the very first Unfairly Dated Name post will go live. We have a standard Spotlight Name scheduled for this Friday, a Biblical name with some funky soul.

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  1. My first thought was Vera!

  2. Cynthia

  3. Sylvia?

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I think Ellen.

  5. I’m seeing some great guesses – all lovely names. Are any guesses right? I’m not saying.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Are we only allowed one guess per person?

  7. You say grandma name and I automatically think Linda. I’ll throw out a few official guesses:


  8. You guys are doing great! The answer will be revealed next week. In the meantime, I look forward to seeing more guesses.

  9. Can we guess names that have already been mentioned? If yes, then I’ll throw my hat in for Karen, Linda and Ellen.

  10. Could it be Virginia? I was just looking at the stats on Andrea Boccelli’s daughter’s name, and was surprised to see how far she’d fallen.

    • I’m surprised Virginia is less popular. I’m also surprised the similar southern state name, Georgia isn’t more popular or getting more popular. At this point I’m wondering if I should give hints. There are several guesses that got the letter right.

  11. Perhaps it is Laura?

  12. Louise.

  13. Louise (I really don’t understand why this is not more popular!)

  14. Charlotte Vera says:

    One name that sounds EXTREMELY dated to me is Arlene, but I’m not sure I would consider her unfairly so. Hmmm, how about Lois?

  15. Here are my guesses:
    – Edith
    – Nancy
    – Beverly
    – Gretchen
    – Gertrude
    – Helen

  16. Betty?

  17. What about Vivian? I think it’s more of a great-grandma name at this point, but it feels on trend.

  18. melissa says:

    Is it Dorothy?


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