NAME GAME CHALLENGE: Complete the Sibling Set

Vintage Brother and Sister PortraitThe first name game challenge, Six Degrees of Elizabeth, required “book” knowledge. The second name game challenge, Brothers and Sisters for Thaddeus, required imagination. This next challenge requires “book” knowledge by spotting patterns, and a bit of imagination. These are my favorite type of challenges, and hopefully we will do more sibling set challenges.

Here’s how it works: Each set follows a pattern. First find the pattern, and then find a name that fits the pattern.

Example 1: Julia and Jenna both begin with J, and any name beginning with J, such as John, would be acceptable. The names also happen to end in a, so you could go a step further by finding a name beginning with J and ending with A, such as Johanna.

Example 2: Rose and Lily are both flowers. Therefore, Daisy would complete the set or any botanical name would also work, such as Basil for a boy.

As with other name game challenges, you can submit through the comments or the contact form or email at contact at upswingbabynames dot com.

If you email us through the contact form or directly, please indicate if you do not want all or part of your submission published on Upswing Baby Names, and whether you wish to be credited anonymously or by name.

Here are some hints:

  • Taking some liberties with all of these (such as spotting a pattern I didn’t intend and following that pattern) is OK. I only ask that you indicate the pattern you are seeing and briefly explain how your choice fits that pattern.
  • Only one name is required, but including more names to the set is great.
  • There are no gender requirements; boy or girl names are fine.
  • If you are stuck there are places you can look online such as,, and

Here are the incomplete sets:

Francis, Felix, Frederick, and ___________

Atticus, Bennet, Cleo, and ___________

Violet, Geneva, Calvin, and ___________

Asher, Hilary, Joy, and ___________

Blythe, Heath, Thurman, and ___________

The patterns for each set will be revealed next week. Don’t be afraid to be a little creative, and take some risks!

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Francis, Felix, Frederick, and Fabian – Boy names that start with “F”

    Atticus, Bennet, Cleo, and Dora – A, B, C, D

    Violet, Geneva, Calvin, and Evelyn – All 6-lettered names that contain a “V”

    Asher, Hilary, Joy, and Felix – All names that mean “Happy”

    Blythe, Heath, Thurman, and Thackeray- Surnames that contain “TH”

    • You got all but the last pattern right, and the pattern you spotted, surnames that contain “th”, works. You went a step further with two of the sets. For the first set, even though all the given names were boy names, a boy or girl name is acceptable, but you get bonus points for sticking to boy names. For the third set, I only expected the letter “v”, I hadn’t intended to repeat the 6 letter pattern – good spot!

      Wednesday, I’ll publish the answers.

  2. Lydia Rose says:

    Francis, Felix, Frederick, and Francine

    Atticus, Bennet, Cleo, and Chloe

    Violet, Geneva, Calvin, and Luna Sun

    Asher, Hilary, Joy, and Jackson

    Blythe, Heath, Thurman, and Celestia Moon

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