Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck Welcome Samuel Garner

Truth be told, most celebrities either bore me or annoy me. Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are an exception. They seem like they could be my neighbors or PTA members. OK, maybe they are the beautiful neighbors or PTA members. Nevertheless, they seem so likable, so real, and most people want the best for them.

The names of their kids show this. Violet, Serafina, and Samuel may not seem like the perfect sibling set on the surface, but it works. Style-wise the set may go against some name enthusiasts’ sensibilities or at least mine.

They repeated an initial with two of the three kids. One name is old-fashioned trendy, another name is exotic and unusual (but could be trending upwards if searches on name sites are any indication), and the last name is completely conservative and mainstream. One has two middle names but the others do not.

Think about real-life siblings you know, and chances are most of them are not perfect fits. From my own personal experience, I know more than one family with kids that repeat initials while clash style-wise sort of like my hypothetical example of Thaddeus and Thatcher. Off the top of my head, I know of at least one family that repeat an initial with two of the three kids, just like the Afflecks.  I know another family that picked names so similar they might as well used the same name, sort of like brothers Robert and Rupert, as a hypothetical example.

And even with my family, while I love laying awake at night crafting perfect sibling sets, my own kids don’t have perfectly coordinating names. Like many other little girls, I used to dream about having kids with names that coordinated without matching too much, complete with perfectly coordinating middle names. And then real-life got in the way.

My tastes changed. Rob is picky. We had a hard enough time coming up with two names we both agreed on, much less two names we agreed on that were a perfect fit. The obvious brother for Fiona would probably be Liam or Declan. The obvious sister for Paul would probably be Elizabeth, Sarah, Mary or Laura.

While my own children’s names don’t fit perfectly, both names have a meaningful story behind them. And the same could be true for the Garner / Affleck clan.



  1. I’m so glad that they at least picked names that are prounouceable to everyone and they aren’t made-up names either. I always feel sorry for the kids that have such out there names…what happens when they grow up? Or even when they hit high school where kids can be cruel?

  2. I agree with Mona! And these are names you can live with, I always think of Gweneth Paltrow’s kid “Apple.” Really Gwen? APPLE? Violet, Seraphina, Samuel….those kids can live with those. 🙂

    Congrats to Ben and Jen, I like them both. 🙂


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