NAME GAME CHALLENGE: Six Degrees of Elizabeth

Put your thinking caps on. Or start your search engines. Introducing our first Name Game Challenge! The plan is to post a name game every other Wednesday. If we can think of enough name games and there is enough reader interest, the series will run every Wednesday.*

The first challenge is a take on the game “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.” This game is based on the theory that any actor in Hollywood can be linked to Kevin Bacon through six roles or six steps.

The names below are not directly derived from Elizabeth but are derived from at least one name that has been derived from Elizabeth. As an example, Lily is separated from Elizabeth by one step, the name Lillian, which is both a diminutive of Elizabeth and a long form of Lily. For those who have always wondered how Lily became a nickname for Elizabeth, there’s your answer.

For the names below, give the missing link (or links) to Elizabeth. In the example above, listing the name Lillian is all that is expected, but those who wish to give details are welcome. Please don’t be discouraged from participating if you are only able to give the missing link for some of the names. At the moment there are no prizes, other than bragging rights, but the answers will be revealed in this Friday’s Spotlight Name.

Hint: the last one, Geena, is a challenge, and may be a bit of a stretch.

Give your answers in the comments or – for those who wish to avoid answer poaching, ha ha – email us through the contact form above. Please indicate if you wish to remain anonymous.

Let the games begin!


Vote on which Six Degrees of Elizabeth name is your favorite.


*If you have an idea for a name game, please contact us through the “Contact” form above or email us at contact at upswingbabynames dot com. Credit will be given to ideas posted on Upswing Baby Names, unless the submitter requests anonymity.

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  1. Fun! I have a good idea about a few of them, but I’m only going to post my idea about the last one to give others a chance to think for themselves.

    Geena can also be spelt Gina, which is a short form of the name Regina, a name that means queen. The current Queen of Engand is Elizabeth, and is sometimes stylised as Elizabeth (II) Regina. That’s why all our postboxes here in the UK have E II R embedded into them, as it’s her royal cypher.

  2. Oh man I don’t know any of them!

  3. Lilyscarlett says:

    There is one rare french name that you missed it is: Lysiane (pronounced Lizzie-Ann), you should promote it as it is so nice fitting both a little girl and a woman!

    just discovered your site! Love it,




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