NAME GAME CHALLENGE: Brothers & Sisters for Thaddeus

Overall, the response to our Spotlight on Thaddeus was overwhelmingly positive. To some readers Thaddeus was a new discovery. I just love helping people discover new names!

Thaddeus fits nicely with the old-fashioned, bold, casual nickname style. The name’s meaning is “heart” or “courageous heart.” Thaddeus is handsome, refined, and just eccentric enough.

What’s the downside (in my mind anyway)?

Finding the right brother and sister for Thaddeus is hard.

Since our Spotlight on Thaddeus post, I have come up with a couple of brother names, but I will keep those to myself until after the challenge. I’m still at a loss for sister names. One of our readers suggested Gloria.

Today’s challenge: Come up with brothers and sisters for Thaddeus.

You can give all brothers, all sisters or any combination. There are no minimum or maximum siblings. There are no wrong answers, just a chance to exercise your creative muscles. You can submit your answers through the comments, the contact form in the top navigation, or by emailing us at contact at upswingbabynames dot com.

If you give your suggestions through the comment form or email, please indicate if you do not want all or part of your comments published on Upswing Baby Names. If you only want your comments published as an anonymous reader, please indicate that as well.

Even if you suggested sibling names in the comments of the original Thaddeus post, you are free to take part again.

On Friday, I’ll share my two brother ideas for Thaddeus. I’m curious to see if anyone else comes up with the same brother names I did.

Until then, game on!



  1. Our top matches for Thaddeus:

    Fletcher, Chastity, Sascha

    Are your two brother names on this list?

    • My two brothers aren’t among the three names you listed in your comment, but I really like Fletcher. I did go to your site and one of the names listed there is on my list. I will keep it secret until Friday.

  2. Hmmm…Bertrand, Gideon and Lysander for brothers. Ophelia, Hermione and Beatrix for sisters.

  3. my first is Thomas and my newest baby is Thaddeus. My pediatrician could not believe we chose that name as he has another family with a son Thomas and younger son Thaddeus! We’ve never met them so this was pure coincidence! But apparently I’m not the only mom who thinks Thomas and Thaddeus go quite well together.

  4. Lilyscarlett says:


    I was really hoping for your game to yield more names. My first one is a little Thaddeus and even thought baby number 2 is not yet on the card I keep my eyes open. I really love this name and hoped to find something with similar oomph and class and that goes well in French (we can’t get away with english pronounciation here!)

    For girls I always thought Theodora, Othilie and Hippolyte would be fab, while for boys Melchior is a strong contender (however it doesn’t have as all the other an H and a double consonant)…

    Any ideas?




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