The Nickname Elites: Names with Many Nicknames

When it comes to nicknames, Elizabeth is the queen, but there are a few other names that will give her a run for her money. A couple of these names, Alexandra, Charlotte, and Wilhelmina were mentioned last week in Feminizations with Fun Nicknames.

Here are some of members of this versitle group and their many faces:

Alexandra / Alex, Lex, Lexi, Alexis, Xandra
Charlotte / Charlie, Lottie, Lotte, Tottie
Elizabeth / Betty, Bess, Betsy, Eliza, Liz, Beth, Buffy, Lisa
Katherine / Kate, Katie, Kitty, Kath, Kathy
Margaret / Maggie, Maisie, Daisy, Greta, Peggy
Penelope / Penny, Nelly, Nell, Polly, Poppy
Josephine / Josie, Jo, Fina, Fifi
Wilhelmina / Billie, Willie, Wilma, Elma, Helma or Mina

Coming up with boy counterparts was difficult. Here are some:

John / Jack, Jake, Johnny, Jay
Robert / Rob, Bob, Robby, Bobby
William / Will, Bill, Willy, Billy, Liam

Call to readers: Does anyone else have any suggestions for boy names with many nicknames?



  1. Danielle @ My Homemade Journey says:

    Daniel has Dan, Danny. Michael has Mike, Mikey. Not a lot but that’s all I got. đŸ™‚

  2. Under boys, how could I have forgotten Edward? Ed, Eddie, Ted, Teddy, Ned. Geeze. I knew I would miss a big one.

  3. British American says:

    Henry almost makes it: Henry/ Hank, Hal, Harry

    We call our Henry “Hen” sometimes and called him “Hens” for awhile – and haven’t seriously called him Hank, Hal or Harry.

  4. Margaret also has Meg, Marge, and Pearl

    Katherine also has Kit and Kat

    Theodore had Ted, Teddy, Theo

  5. Nicholas has a lot of, er, nicknames and variations:

    Kolya (Russian nickname)
    Dominic (which itself shortens to Dom)

  6. Charles? Charlie/Charley, Chuck, Chas?
    James? Jim, Jimmy, Jamie, Jem, Jaz, Seamus?
    In the UK we put an ‘s’ or ‘z’ at the end of names quite often – so for example the common nickname for Gareth or Gary would be Gaz. Sometimes this is lengthened to ‘azza’ so Sharon can be Shaz or Shazza. These names are often working class, Gaelic or Welsh names, probably because celtic and especially Irish people were discriminated against for so long in England. Because of this they are thought of as undesirable names. Context is all! Put Sharon in Grapes of Wrath with Rose of Sharon and it is truly beautiful, exposing the snobbery operating behind the scenes against the name Sharon.
    Michael also has Mick and Mickey as well as Mike and Mikey.

  7. Theresa // tessa, Tess, Teresa,

  8. Alexander Walker says:

    You could have used Alexander / Al, Alex, Lex, Andy, Xander, and Xan. People have called me all of these


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