Feminizations with Fun Nicknames

Historically many male names have gone girl, such as Ashley and Addison, and even Vivian and Meredith. While surprising to some, French newcomer Esme was also once a male name!

More intriguing to me are feminizations of traditional male names. Usually these names have fun, sometimes boyish, nicknames. They manage to borrow from the boys while maintaining a bit of girlish charm.

For me, I think these names appeal because they don’t copy men, but rather take what is traditionally male and revise with a feminine touch. This is the same idea as wearing a tailored vest with a flower or flowing scarf. The result, while still displaying a hint of the male inspired look, is a completely new creation. For example, Josephine may have been inspired by Joseph, but is a very different name than Joseph, and unmistakably, unapologetically feminine.

Some of these names such as Samantha and Alexandra have become what The Baby Name Wizard classifies as “New Classics” a classification for names that are not surprising among Generation X, Y, and Z, yet are very unexpected on the baby boomers and their predecessors.

Another feminization that has seen a recent revival is Charlotte, the French feminine form of Charles. In 2010, the latest year name data is available, Charlotte ranked at 45 and has been steadily climbing up the charts the past decade.

And our old friend, Josephine is another currently fashionable feminization that has caught on in the past 10 years. This may be because the sweet nickname Josie is often seen as a less popular alternative to Sophie. Josie as a given name ranked at 260 in 2010, and Josephine ranked at 186. Both names are trending upwards.

Here are some other feminizations that have the same elements as Alexandra, Charlotte, Josephine, and Samantha, yet provide a little more of the surprise element.

Formal Name / Nickname
Andrea or Andrina / Andy (or maybe Rina?)
Antonia / Toni
Fredricka / Freddie (or maybe Ricka?)
Georgia / Georgie
Geraldine / Gerry
Hariette / Hattie
Henrietta / Hattie or Etta
Maxine / Max
Philippa / Pippa
Roberta / Bobbie or Robbie
Silvestra / Silvie
Wilhelmina / Billie, Willie, Wilma, Elma, Helma or Mina

Fredricka, Silvestra, and Wilhelmina are some of my personal favorites. Wilhelmina belongs to an elite class of names that has many multiple nicknames. These names will be discussed next time.

In the meantime, feel free to vote on your favorite feminization names.


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  1. I like Alexandra with a nickname of Lexi or maybe Ali.

  2. I actually forgot to add a name to my list. I was going to add it, but instead I want to see if anyone else will think of it : )

  3. I have always liked the name Gabriella, but shied away from it because I don’t like the nickname Gabby. Ella would be cute, though.

  4. I forgot to add Louisa or Louise / Lou to this list.


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